Repentance and Revelation

I was reading in the book of revelation, and to confirm a suspicion of mine, Jesus was expecting people who have strayed from the straight and narrow to repent. He wasn’t just asking the heathen to repent. He was telling the church to repent.
If Jesus was expecting the church to repent when He found them in sin, how much more should we the church give opportunity for the lost to face their sins and repent? Are we keeping to the gospel we have received from the Apostles when we invite people to a relationship with the Lord? How about giving them the opportunity to trust in Jesus?
There are many versions of altar calls that never approach the topic of sin and the absolutely necessity of repentance.
When we do this to the lost are we doing them any service? Is it not true that we offer a lot of God’s love to the lost and we even offer forgiveness? But is this the gospel we are to follow?
Can anyone find for me in the first three chapters in Revelation where Jesus told the church, to receive His love and forgiveness? Repentance I found and I only found it no less than seven times when He told the church to repent!
If we have concluded we do not need to be so old-fashioned and out dated maybe we are not better than the world renowned scholar and theologian Daffy Duck who would say consequences smonsequences.

One thought on “Repentance and Revelation

  1. Good point… it comes to my mind that it not only the first message in Revelation but, it is also the first message preached when Jesus starts His ministry after fasting 40 days… Repent, the kingdom fo God is at hand.

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