Danger Will Robinson Danger!

Here at The Gospel According to the Gospel I have been advocating the New Testament teaches we have hope of salvation.  This hope, this coming grace, coming righteousness, coming salvation is spoken more of than what we quote, that of being saved.  I also contend in “How far has the apple fallen from the tree” that our New Testament teaches that God speaks things that are not as if they were in our gospel.  This doctrine of hope of salvation is not contradictory to God speaking things that are not as if they were.

So what is the big deal anyway?  Who cares if I contend for a hope of salvation and others contend men are saved when they first believe?  Isn’t it all the same in the end?

When a man comes to the understanding that he is a sinner before God because the Spirit of God has drawn him and repents, the church labels this man as saved.  This man accepts the understanding of himself as someone who has been saved.  He now goes through his days with the comfort of the church that his position is secure in Christ, that there is no circumstance at which he needs to be concerned of his eternal wellbeing.

The church will comfort such a man by saying even if we are faithless Christ will remain faithful.  We ignore the fact that Christ will be faithful to His word and do as He says He will, not be faithful to the faithless man.  We forget that without faith it is impossible to please God.  Intentionally or not, we give our stamp of acceptability to those who shrink from their faith in Christ.

The doctrine of men will tell this same believer they are not in the danger of hell when they leave their new life of righteousness for the old life of being a slave to sin.  We will argue until we are blue in the face that this backsliding has no relationship to their eternal condition of salvation. 

We have set up converts who follow the teachings of the church to be the exact kind of people who never entered their rest in the desert.  They did not go in because the lacked the faith and they were not obedient.  Yet to this we will cry, that wasn’t meant for believers today.  They didn’t have Christ. We do.

Is it not the same God?  Is it not preached in the New Testament they had the same gospel that we do today?  Is not the same expectation that God’s people should live in faith and obedience to His commands?  Yet we will throw all of this aside and say, we have Christ! 

We will never warn such a convert that they are in danger of trampling the Son of God underfoot.  No, for we claim they are secure in Christ.  Because of our doctrine we throw out all warnings to the believer, the unfaithful servant, the unfruitful tree, the grafted in branch, to remain, to abide, and all other warnings for words of comfort.  We have no idea that we have become like the false prophets who only spoke smooth and comforting words to God’s people.  We refuse to speak what was left behind by the prophets and apostles, if it doesn’t suit our doctrine of grace and salvation.

God is not a Calvinist, nor is He an Armenianist.  He is sovereign, yet we ignore the whole council of God for our sovereign doctrine of salvation.  So run and shout it in the streets that faith and obedience is not necessary for a believer to enter into his rest.  It makes me wonder who will stand before the Lord of our salvation and say Lord Lord did I not…  Only for Him to say depart from me.

So poo poo what I am saying.  I am the ignorant man here not you.  There is no danger for the disobedient disciple (oxymoron) of Christ.  There is no danger for the faithless believer (oxymoron), forget all the warnings in scripture.  Continue on your way, there is not need to take heed, or warning.  There is no danger ahead for you.  There is no danger for your converts.  After all you can be faithless and disobedient and still have Christ.

Danger Will Robinson danger!  It makes me wonder exactly who it is that God gives over to their futile thinking, when the church can not see nor understand the warnings of scripture.  God blinded the eyes of the disobedient and faithless Hebrews, but He would never do this to the church, we have Christ!  We think God only gives the depraved only over to their futile minds.  Yet we know He has blinded His chosen people.  They are stuck in their futile thinking and refusing the truth of scripture.  So what is your excuse, you who refused to believe the warnings in scripture for the believer?

Danger Will Robinson danger!

2 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson Danger!

  1. Over and over you beat but a “straw man”! Calvinism does not teach salvation by eternal security (at least from men’s end) but by the grace of God in the doctrine of the Christian’s perseverance. And this is certainly the true biblical doctrine of the regenerate Christian.

  2. I know what I believe as a doctrine of the Christian perseverance. How do you understand this doctrine? Because to me it is the heart of the matter. It is not what God has done that I have a problem with in what the church teaches, it is what man does with what God has done, even as believers, that I question.

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