Are we sure Hal Lindsey has it right?

Hal Lindsey has been saying for years that the Antichrist will come out of one of ten nations in Europe.  He has been advocating that these ten nations represent the ten toes in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Saying the ten toes are the revived Roman empire.

Scripture teaches that ten kings will arise at one time only to give their power to the beast.  These kings will only have power for one hour.  Are we to believe that these existing countries in Europe will have an election then inaugurations that end at the same time, giving these men the power for the same hour?

“The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast.[1]

I’ve always understood Hal Lindsey to hint at these ten European nations as being strong, that the Euro was the back bone of this confederacy and it was going to grow to dominance.

Instead we have articles coming out where economist are saying the Euro will collapse.  Even though our main stream media never reported on it, Greece has been have a terrible time financially for over a year, with civil unrest at the same time.  Now the austerity measures put in place by Greece has caused money to flee their country and destroy their economy.  Consequently they have lost their voting rights in the European Union.  Now I thought Greece was part of the old Roman Empire.  The rest of Europe is at a loss what to do with Greece because its financial troubles will spread to the other European nations.

Portugal just got downgraded and guess what they recently did.  They put in place their own austerity measures.  Now Portugal is expected to go the way of Greece.

Great Brittan has been having discussions about austerity measures themselves.  However they have seen what has happened in other nations and are resisting it.  Article out of the UK are saying the numbers say they have 25% unemployment.  Economist are also expecting the British pound to collapse. 

All of this adds up to a collapsing European Union and a collapsing Euro.  The only reason our dollar is strong right now is because other currencies are failing.  Not that our own dollar will not fail.  Last week we had a failed Bond market on 44 billion of two year treasury notes.  We have to raise three trillion in new debt and debt to be rolled over and we have no investors.  It is one thing to think our 30 year treasuries would be risky, but nations are rejecting our two year treasuries.  Nations don’t trust our financial predicament either.

The way I see it is the world economies, including the European Union, are collapsing.  Everybody is sinking at the same time.  If I were to guess, we are going to see more and more nations collapse financially until we are all wiped out with civil unrest accompanying.  Then out of those ashes we will have ten regional leaders be appointed to have power over the whole globe, not just Europe.  Then after that one hour the beast will be revealed to mankind.

It seems to me we are on the precipice of major change that will come through much turmoil with the loss of many lives and all liberty.  Especially for believers.  If Hal Lindsey is right, I would expect things to go a little differently, but it seems all things are pointing in other directions.

[1] Revelations 17:12

9 thoughts on “Are we sure Hal Lindsey has it right?

  1. To my mind good and evil go down to the end, of course God is not a dualism, but sovereign. But the scripture also seems to indicate that the Gospel will have yet one more renewal just before the Lord comes, as the Nation of Israel, and a remnant therein come to the Gospel covenant of Christ, (Rom. 11: 23-32). It also seems that after 500 years Calvin and Calvinism are still going strong! Can we hope that the Gospel of God’s Grace will yet again have a large renewal? Even in the midst of our almost collapse with postmodernism, and narcissism, God in Christ reigns! At the end, it seems God will renew not so much the culture, but again HIS Word in saving grace for elect sinners, both Jewish and Gentile! (Eph. 2: 18) This is my hope!

  2. Glasseyedave..Good post. ‘God rules in the kingdom of men, and places over it the BASEST of men (Dan 4:17). The global reeling and rocking of economies…and all the related consequences..even the political climate in America…are ALL by the permission of God. Fear not. All is well within God’s perfect purposes and plans. Not one will fail. I believe the Restrainer (God) is allowing nations to align for fulfillment of Bible prophecies concerning the Return of Christ. I believe the coming persecution will involve the total ‘Church’…both Jew and Gentile. It will be politics ‘so to speak’ usual. God said things will continue as they have been..marrying (families) and so forth..just like it was in the time of Noah. The end was near but the wicked just kept ‘living it up’ until the flood came and took them away…refusing to hear the ‘few’ who both loved and feared God. Too, there were not two ‘boat loads’ in Noah’s time. There were not two ‘deliverances’ at Sodom. In our time…contemporary mortals will continue to enjoy the materialism and pleasures…until the Trump of God sounds and they see Christ coming in the Clouds.

    I do think, as does Lindsey, that the ten toes of Daniel are significant concerning the final world governement of Anti-Christ. Significant only in that the ‘miry-clay’ end portion of the toes represents Satan and the fulness of ‘earthy’. Concerning the revived Roman Empire…as many believe will happen….I see a connection only in that Satan was the soveriegn behind the wicked rule of the pagan empire. And he will be the soveriegn behind the wicked rule of Anti-Christ.

    Good post.


  3. For what it’s worth, my said position is historic Post-Millennial. Note “historic”, here means the older and original view. And right after the last renewal of grace and the gospel (Millennium), God will release His retraint on Satan and the wicked, and there will be a fuller assault on the Church & Israel, but Christ will return bodily from heaven and in great power and glory defeat and destroy all the enemies of God. And then will come the last judgment, and the new heaven and earth, and the eternal state. (2 Peter 3). The biblical and orthodox view is that God will not allow the prospect of evil and gloom to rule over true Christianity in the world. In the end, God wins and rules!

  4. Bottom line is God is fulfilling His word.

    (Isa 9:7 NIV) Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.

  5. Dave,
    Just a personal note, I do not like the NIV translation myself. There are much better, easy to read Bible translations right now. The NLT is much better I feel. Though I like myself the more literal translations like the NASB 95 (Up-date), and the ESV. Even the NRSV is not bad, save the lose of the term Son of Man, since it is gender conscience. > Which I don’t follow myself. But, just a note..and my personal thought. I even read the KJV sometimes myself, its prose and beauty are still there!

  6. I do not think the AntiChrist will come of Rome. I think Hussein Obama is the AntiChrist….he has all the attributes of this evil one. I think BHO was born in Kenya and at one time this was part of the Roman Empire. Whatever…we are definitely in the last days.

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