Oh Magoo you’ve done it again

Before we get to Mr. Magoo it is important to set the stage.  Because of course Mr. Magoo has to do it again.

In the post “Be good, be good Johnny” we discussed how the doctrine of total depravity of man is not scriptural.  We discovered that scripture teaches evil men are capable of doing good, even in their fallen state. 

In the post “Free will or Free nil” we discussed how the doctrine that teaches man has no free will is not scriptural.  We learned that scripture teaches over and over again that man has rejected God, rejected God’s plan for their lives and man refuses to obey God.  We discussed how no one can reject what is not offered.  This also shows how the doctrine of predestination as taught by many groups is not scriptural either.  Since man has to be offered something to reject or refuse it.  The doctrine of predestination says man can not resist God’s grace.  Well scripture teaches there is a whole lot of rejecting going on.

In the post “Illegitimate children of the first and second Adam” we discussed how the teachers who say man has no free will actually teach Adam had free will.  What hypocrisy!  We also know scripture teaches Christ has free will.  So the question was, where is the third Adam we are related to, since the first two Adams have free will and we are taught in some circles we do not.

Now Mr. Magoo is a character who needs coke bottle glasses and never sees reality, but somehow seams to make it through life.  So it is with those men who teach man is totally depraved and can not choose or reject God.  They teach that a man is either predestine for grace or predestined for wrath.  They like Mr. Magoo can not see the reality of what scripture teaches.

So let us look at what God has instituted for His people in the Old Testament.

Then celebrate the Feast of Weeks to the LORD your God by giving a freewill offering in proportion to the blessings the LORD your God has given you.[1]

What, a freewill offering.  You mean an offering not required.  An offering based on the free will of the person to give.  Well who would have known?  This offering that was instituted is mentioned no less than twenty two times in scripture.  It seams to be based on livestock and precious metals.

I said to them, “You as well as these articles are consecrated to the LORD. The silver and gold are a freewill offering to the LORD, the God of your fathers.[2]

I find it ironic that those who teach men have no free will are supported by the same giving for the ministry (temple) that scripture teaches is a freewill offering.  I guess they are so legalistic they must call their compulsorily offerings.  Maybe we should all show our free will and quit giving. 

The point being, like Mr. Magoo they have done it again.  They have missed more scriptural evidence that man has a free will.  The real tragedy is they miss the consequences of their false teachings.

They strip away from man his responsibility, by teaching man is forced into two camps, wrath or grace.

They give a false sense of security to those who presume they are the elect.  No matter how hard they kick and scream going into heaven, they are saved.

They by their doctrines nullify the necessity of living the Christian life while calling members to live such a life.

They misrepresent the gospel of Christ and replace it with a teaching that comes from Man.  Their teaching is contrary to all the examples we see in the Bible, which is full of men choosing and rejecting God.

So in their blindness all I have to say is, oh Magoo you have done it again.

[1]Deuteronomy 16:10

[2]Ezra 8:28

One thought on “Oh Magoo you’ve done it again

  1. Dave,

    As I said, one must do some “theological” study on these most profound subjects! I would recommend to the readers the American Millard Erickson’s ‘Christian Theology’ (Second Edition). It is fair and covers all sides in our Judeo-Christian revelation and theology.

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