Double Darwinian Tragedy

Being a home school family I strongly advocate studying Darwinism and Evolution.  To some Christian families this comes as a shock.  Why would I want to have my children exposed to the theory of Evolution?  As someone who has studied both physical and cultural evolution in both my younger years and in more recent history, I want my children to have confidence in why they do not believe in Darwinism.

On one occasion, traveling back from a missions trip from Mexico with my youth group, one poor gentleman found himself sitting in the part of the plane by the emergency exit.  I had youth sitting all around me in those seats and in neighboring rows.  When this man found out what we were about, he said he didn’t believe in God but in evolution. 

Being fascinated by his comment I had to know what made him convinced that God was the liar and man was true.  I asked him what piece of evidence it was that was the straw that broke the camels back for him.  I wanted to know what evidence was the clincher for him to conclude evolution and not God was the truth.

He offered no evidence.  So I gave out some that I knew were proven to be hoaxes.  He stared at me blankly and looked uncomfortable.  Then I offered out some other evidences of evolution trying to find out what he was familiar with. 

In the end, he was familiar with no so called facts of evolution.  He simply believed by faith in what he was told was true.  The irony was he criticized us for taking God by faith when our conversation started.

Many in the church believe in a Darwinian creation.  Many in the church assume that science has proven the case for evolution.  So they try to blend an anti-God theory with the word of God.  Changing the word of God to fit men’s wisdom.  Ironically if they can’t have confidence in God’s word about creation, how can they have confidence in what some preacher tells them about eternal security?  This is the first tragedy.

There are also those in the church who say they do not believe in evolution, at least macroevolution.  Meaning species change into other species.  But they have sold into Darwinism again in the form of microevolution.  That is species adapt to their environment.  We get the text book moth and finch as examples of microevolution.  I have met many a believer who believes in this form of Darwinism, as if Darwin has any leg to stand on.

If we give allowance for microevolution we have to give allowance for macroevolution as well.  To say something has evolved means, it has characteristics it did not have a capacity to posses before.  Meaning that somehow its DNA has changed.  If DNA is changing in nature and we believe this to be true for microevolution then we would have made allowance for macroevolution to occur as well.

Is it that I am against science and do not what to admit that there is microevolution?  No, this is not the case.  I am for proven science.  I believe what science has already proven, and that is that species carry recess genes.  Mendel’s experiments showed that species carry traits that are not evident up front but can be brought out by selective breading.  He showed this with peas, but we can see this with our cats and dogs.

So when we as believers embrace microevolution in the name of unproven science we throw out proven science.  There is no microevolution observed in nature with the moth and the finch.  There is however recess genes coming into dominance through selected breading of those that are able to survive and bread.

In order for micro-evolution to take place some new characteristic has to be added to the creature.  We know this has to come from the DNA.  In creation God has made all of the genes both dominant and recessive.  There is nothing added to a creature when we think we observe microevolution.  It is only the God given, from creation, recessive gene gaining dominance we observe.  Ironic isn’t it.  We observe what God has given to the creature, since creation, and we say it is done by nature, in a smaller natural selection process.  So to all of us Christians who deny macroevolution only to embrace microevolution, we are the second tragedy.

Not at all! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.”[1]

[1] Romans 3:4

Give me a piece of your mind, let me know what you thought.

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