Hear the word of the Lord

Voices, voices, voices, there are many voices out there in the world of Christendom calling for a following of devotion.  People, people, people, there are many people in the world of Christendom who are willing to be the following devoted.

People are so desperate for the supernatural they have forgotten that our scripture is complete and needs no other word of the Lord.  They have strayed from the belief that we need no other new word from the Lord.  We have what we need in scripture and we lack nothing for our spiritual lives.

In books and on the internet there are claims of the supernatural and visitation of angels.  There are so called Christians who claim to have messages from angelic visitors that are clearly extra biblical.  Such encounters include visitations from the Angel of Finance on how to prosper in your life and ministry.  And many, if you want to call them that, Christians buy this stuff hook line and sinker.

Many such extra biblical stuff can be found by so called prophets of God proclaiming this and that.  Things that are clearly outside of the teaching of the bible.  One such website is called “The Elijah List”.

For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.[1]

I know of a man who had a visitation of God.  It wasn’t just an angel sent from the Lord, it was the Lord Himself.  Now this guy could brag about being taught something that was not in scripture, after all it was the Lord who taught him of Himself.  And this happened repeatedly.  Meaning over and over again.  I wonder what little extra bits of information this person got from God?  What little extra stuff did he learn since it was God who was revealing Himself to this man, that was not known of God at this time?

Nothing!  Absolutely nothing was revealed that had not been made known already.  Nothing was given as an extra revelation to this man Samuel.  Instead this repeated visitation of God to Samuel and His revealing of Himself to Samuel was all done through His word.

The LORD continued to appear at Shiloh, and there he revealed himself to Samuel through his word.[2]

Why should this surprise us?  I have been advocating that our gospel started at Mt. Sinai as scripture teaches.  So why would it be impossible for Samuel to understand and know God from His word?  Why would it be impossible for Samuel to know and understand the hope we have in our gospel?  Samuel was taught our gospel that was preached at Mt. Sinai from God, but God taught him nothing outside of His word.

We have those going around claiming to have extra biblical spiritual information resulting from the visitation of angels.  Yet God Himself stuck to His word.  What these angels from God have liberties that God Himself did not take?  No, these Angels are not from God.  They go outside of the word of God.  Or is it that our so called prophets of today are greater than Samuel, whom God Himself visited.  I hardly doubt it!

[1] 2 Timothy 4:3-4

[2] 1Samuel 3:21

One thought on “Hear the word of the Lord

  1. Good post. Timely post. I have been concerned about the same thing. THERE IS NO NEW WORD OF GOD. THE BIBLE IS COMPLETE. I experience visions from God. Each one… ALWAYS… without fail…came to TEACH me the already written and revealed Word of God. I have heard the voice of God…by way of the Holy Comforter. BUT..each and every time..the voice speaks only THE already written and revealed Word of God. I have seen my guardian angel twice. He did not speak either time. He does not have wings. He looks like a very human… though perfect…as was said of Daniel…’without spot or blemish.’ The second time I saw him…another young man was with him. Mine was there to comfort me. The other was there to escort the soul of my newborn to the Father. It was real. Angels continue to serve the way they always have. Jacob’s ladder, Christ’s agony at Gethsemmene, two messengers who went to Sarah concerning the birth of Isaac, two angels who were sent to deliver Lot from Sodom, the angel who ministered to Hagar and Ismael, and numerous other records in scripture. BUT…you are VERY correct when saying that angels DO NOT bring ADDITIONAL WORDS OF GOD!!!

    very good post,

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