How healthy is sick?

Is the church just a little bit in error in some of its application of scripture, but for the most part healthy?  Is the church mostly doing good, even though it has some faults?  Should we continue the mantra of apathy and lack of accountability by saying, there is no perfect church.

Do we realize that if the early church held our modern view we would not have many letters we now enjoy in our New Testament?  Many of the letters deal with the imperfections in the church.  When these letters address sin in the church, other gospels, fights, quarrels and those who push themselves out to be in front, their authors believed differently than we do today.

They didn’t just say, “Oh well there is still some good being done in the church.”  Then leave it at that, as if that is an excuse to live and let live.  Do we not have the eyes to see the spiritual battle to keep the imperfect church pure and on task when we read our scriptures?  How is it we have lost this call to arms today.  What we only think we put on the armor of God for our wee little personal struggles?  Do we belong to the army of God so we can excuse spiritual imperfections and perfect defection?

In the natural do we want to go the restaurant that has been shut down by the health inspector because of fly, maggots, rodents and open sores and dirty hands?  Would it become ok if I made the point that people still get fed there?  No it doesn’t!

How about the physician who is in court for many a malpractice suit?  Is it acceptable to encourage people to go to him for care?  Would it become ok if I made the point that people are getting the care they need to become whole there?  No it does not!

Truly scripture is true of us believers.

“The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light.[1]

We will never put up with in the natural what we excuse in the spiritual.  We are more shrewd with the things of this world then the things that matter for eternity.  If the master commended the dishonest manager for his shrewdness, how much do you think He will commend us the people of the light, who lack all shrewdness for the kingdom of light? 

We will fight for our kids, we will fight for our wives and husbands, we will fight for our freedoms and liberties, but we play kick the can with the devil when it comes to fighting for what is really important in the church.

And in all this we seek God.  In all this we ask for His Holy Spirit and His power.  We walk around scratching our heads, asking why He has not given Himself to us like He has the early church.  Hint, the early church was shrewd enough to write letters to the, no church is perfect crowd, and never let them forget who it was they served and needed to obey.  We can’t even get past what the dishonest manager was commended for, and we want Him to trust us with His Holy Spirit?  If we will not do the difficult, what in the world do we need the Holy Spirit for?  If we will not fight for God’s word, our plumb line, on the home front, what right do we have to ask for the Holy Spirit to fight in foreign wars?  Are we now going to cry out to God we have a burning desire to save the lost, only to bring them to what we will not defend.  And we think we do not grieve the Holy Spirit while cry out for more of him.  Hypocrites us all!

[1] Luke 16:8

Give me a piece of your mind, let me know what you thought.

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