Me against all Christendom (who are you?)

In exhibit one, two and three of Me against all Christendom I wrote of those people of God who missed completely what God had spoken to them in the past and what they should have been living in today.  I ended yesterday talking about David and how he went against the political and religious leaders example along with that of the military.  I ended by showing that David’s brothers called him arrogant and wicked for thinking that he knew of and could do something better in the Lord.

So today’s questions is who are you?

Are you like Saul who has the high opinion of the congregation and people look to your leadership?  Do you look on at what I have been advocating here on The Gospel According to the Gospel and wonder what it is that I am saying?  Do you find it intriguing to say the least but not worth personalizing any changes, let alone risk the respect of the others?

Perhaps you are like the house of Levi and the house of Aaron.  You have the responsibility to lead the people spiritually, but it is done so more often as a job and not as a partnership with the Holy Spirit.  Does my blog hint at how things could be but you are not willing to risk what I repeat and defend out of scripture.  Are you so stuck in the rut that man has formed you in, that the real freedom in Christ seems like heresy?

Maybe you are those like the military serving those who leadership is respected in the congregation.  You are the faithful ones doing Sunday school, outreaches and visitations.  You never question what is fed the troops, because you believe those whom you respect are giving you the word God has intended for you.  To show individuality and discernment of scripture is like going AWOL.  You hang in there because you are committed to those you serve with.

Perhaps you are like David’s brothers, who only criticize what I defend as The Gospel According to the Gospel.  Maybe you think I am off my rocker.  Maybe somewhat arrogant but mostly mislead.  Not wicked in heart, just ignorant.  But certainly I contend for nothing that you would make any personal changes over.  Perhaps your goal is to bring me into the fold.

Or you could be like David.  You see with your own eyes the scriptures and hear with your own hart the Spirit and you are vastly aware that the congregation has gone off and served another gospel.  Well if you are like David too, how do we impact the people of God like David?  Are we still tending sheep getting groomed by God or are we now being called to the battle to show the congregation we have and know something better in God.

So who are you?

Give me a piece of your mind, let me know what you thought.

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