Disarming Calvinism (part one)

If there is an explosive topic it is the errors of Calvinism.  See right there many of you just got offended.  But before you blow, let me approach this topic from a different perspective.  So let me start by naming some examples of Calvinism doctrine which I will disarm through the perspective of The Gospel According to the Gospel.

Calvinism teaches that God is committed to a people in that He has grace for them that is irresistible.  That is to say His justification once experienced is inescapable, for what man can escape God’s will?  Which one of us if God imputes His righteousness to us can escape His will?

In “Disarming Calvinism (part two)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that God has let people who were imputed the same righteousness we have come to share in through Christ, fall into damnation.  I will demonstrate how this disarms Calvinism’s doctrine of Irresistible grace. 

Calvinism teaches that man has no free will.  It is God’s calling that determines His elect.  It is this elect that receives imputes righteousness from God.  We do not have any part to play or any exercise of personal will in the matter.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part three)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that we do have free will.  That we do have a role and a choice in our calling and election.  I will disarm Calvinism’s doctrine that teaches men have not choice in their going to Heaven or Hell.

Calvinism teaches that once a man is saved there is no going back.  Once He has been freely justified by the grace of imputed righteousness he is forever a child of the promise.  He has ceased from the being the child the natural birth and has become the child of the chosen of God.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part four)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that a man can be chosen as a people of God and of the promise and fall away into damnation.  I will demonstrate how this disarms Calvinism’s doctrine of once saved (imputed righteousness though Christ) always saved.

Calvinism teaches that God is ultimately committed to His chosen people, the children of the promise, which gives support to the doctrine of irresistible grace and once saved always saved.  This commitment and support for His people is nonnegotiable with God and that God will not violate this.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part five)” I will demonstrate from the New Testament that God is not dedicated to His people as taught by the Calvinist.  That He is dedicated to something that is greater than His people.  Although this following statement is very explosive, I will demonstrate that His commitment to His people is conditional and will disarm the notion birthed in Calvinism, that God is unconditionally committed to His people. 

Calvinism teaches that there are those people that God has not sent His Son to die for.  Their doctrine actually teaches that God has chosen men to die in there sins because God did not send His Son for them.  Why do they do this?  Because nothing that God does would be less than 100% realized.  So if Christ died for all mankind, and not all receive Him then His efforts are not 100% realized.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part six)” I will demonstrate that God has not chosen some men for glory and some men hell.  I will disarm the Calvinistic idea that suppresses the compassion of God who does not wish for any man to die his sins.

I invite the Calvinist and the non-Calvinist to the discussions, for these will not come in the normal form.  They will come from a completely different perspective based on what scripture teaches us about our own gospel.  I invite you to this discussion from the point of view of The Gospel According to the Gospel.

5 thoughts on “Disarming Calvinism (part one)

  1. Sounds very interesting. I’m not at all familiar with doctrinal theology…and so forth…such as Calvinism. I’ve never studied anything other than the Bible. But I’ve experienced and observed much throughout my Christian life….enough to know that there are many traditions and influences which lead man away from God and Truth. These ‘influences’, I believe, are deliberate deceptive and destructive tactics from the advesary…born out of evil hatred for God and for those created in His image. False doctrines of devils are tempered with enough truth to be believable….such as when ‘the most subtle deceiver told Eve, ‘

    TRUE: Ge 3:5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

    FALSE: Ge 3:4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die

    I enjoy your posts and their defense of the Gospel of the Kingdom.


  2. If you wish to disarm something Dave you need to know what you’re disarming. If you don’t and you get it wrong. Ka-boom!!!

    Above you say “It is God’s calling that determines His elect. It is this elect that receives imputes righteousness from God. We do not have any part to play or any exercise of personal will in the matter”. That is true. But you preceed it with “Calvinism teaches that man has no free will” and that is NOT TRUE.

    We do have free will but as Sinclair Ferguson is said to have said “The phrase ‘Free Will’ is only used by the Bible in the context of stewardship. It is never used in the context of coming to Christ in faith”.


    P.S. To become a Christian I must be “born again”, I am adopted as a son: God now being my Father and I am part of the bride of Christ. How does the Bible say this reversed? How do I “die again”? Does God un-adopt me or the devil adopt me? Does Christ divorce me? If you are to disarm Calvinism you need to be able to clearly explain these things with adequate Biblical support.

    P.P.S Like the CSE link.

  3. Fakey,

    The teachings of Calvinism clearly states that God’s grace is irresistible. Man has no choice but to be saved when God has chosen that person for salvation. This is not free will. To say we have free will (to serve) under the umbrella of no free will (to choose or not to choose God) is hypocrisy. This is like Islam saying to the infidel, they can be free to choose as long as they choose Allah. After they choose Allah, they can enjoy all the freedoms of living for Allah.
    I contend that scripture does teach that man has free will. Why don’t you debate me on the actual content and not the teaser?

  4. Why disarm Calvinism when you could crush it!!
    I want to help you out. If you want to disarm Calvinism then you need to do some homework. Right now with all your articles you are like a little boy who plucks an apple from a tree and then runs around the town shouting “I have killed the tree; I have killed the tree!” If you want to lay an ax to the root of Calvinism then you need to study up on the Synod of Dort. You can disarm EVERY sect of Calvinism if you can show how the 39 Pastors, 18 Elders, 10 College Professors, and 19 Foreign Delegates, representing over 26 countries got it wrong. They met 154 times to hear arguments to very points you are making. Your arguments were literally given a fair hearing using the Bible as the standard and voted on by 84 members in 1619. After the 6 month long trial like hearing the summary findings were published as the Canons of Dort. If you, sir, can discredit their scholarship and work you will have done it! Not every Calvinist has taken time to study this event but it you can refute it; you will knock the legs out from under them because they ARE standing on the work of this Synod whether the realize it or not. If you want to wield the deathblow then read Dr. James White’s book “The Potter’s Freedom”. White takes on your views in his refutation of Dr. Norm Geisler’s book “Chosen but Free”. You do not have to read Geisler’s book to get White’s points he quotes the book throughout. Glasseyedave, please do not try to say you don’t actually agree with the 5 Articles of Remonstrance or Geisler. Either God unconditionally chooses (elects) or he doesn’t, either Jesus died for every person’s sin or he didn’t…ect; there is not a third position.
    After reading much of what you have to say it is clear that the glasses you look through to interpret the Bible have been tinted by current church tradition. You are starting with presupposed ideas such as free will or resistible grace and then finding/using Bible verses to back your presupposition. What makes it painful is that after you do that you protect yourself from challenge by saying “it is clearly written”. Just because you find one verse that agrees with you does not mean that you have interpreted that verse in context using sound hermeneutics, or are viewing it in light of the whole Bible or the correct central motif of the Bible. Study the scholarly work I have referenced above. Then refute their work with an equal level of scholarship. If you can do that you will win me and have the ground to smash every true Calvinist.
    If you not are not willing to fairly consider the work I have referenced then please stop shouting “I have killed the tree” and just take a bite of the apple.

    • Hi Steve,

      I marvel, absolutely marvel at you.

      You continue to argue that the word of God is not trustworthy as written.
      As a son of the reformation movement, you violate what the reformation was all about, that is a man can have a revelation of God in his own tongue.
      You further violate what the reformation was about when you insist that when the Word is written in a common tongue, there is still the need to have better, wiser, more knowledgeable men to tell the laity what it “actually” means.
      By your position on the impossibility to know what God word really means, and not actually says, you support the position of the Catholic church who was apposed to the reformation.
      You continue to want to teach things that are not said in scripture, therefore you can not say it is clearly written.
      You take what is clearly written and say it actually means something else. Those who translated the bibles apparently do not have any linguistic skills either.
      How can you say to anyone that we need to be like a child and accept the gospel as a child would when you would preface it with a stack of doctrinal books, because the word of God can not be relevant or trusted as written.

      What can I liken your faith in the 84 member of 19 foreign delegates (who were mostly Calvinist anyway) who met 154 times to strengthen the Calvinist position. Then to kick out of the pulpits those who were not Calvinist.

      I am not impressed! You have the wrong guy for that.

      It is like arguing from the Catholic side that Luther was an idiot because of all the centuries of Papal teaching stacked against him.
      It is like arguing from the Pharisees side that Paul was an idiot because he left the centuries of traditions of the fathers that he once held to that was stacked against him.
      It is like arguing that king Saul, the army and the priesthood had it right on the first 40 days of battle and David was an idiot because he was apposed to those who rejected their right to lead, fight and speak the truth about God.
      Your little argument about me taking a bite out of an apple and falsely saying that I said I killed a tree is clever, but missed placed.

      Concerning the so called scholarship of the Canons of Dort, it is a little bit of truth with a lies all around and through out it. John 2:21 “… no lie is of the truth”. How do I know it has lies in it? Because those lies that lay and wait in a bed of truth, violate what is written.

      I did not contact you to try to win you over. You came to my website. So I am not trying to win you over. If you choose to ignore what the word of God plainly, clearly and affectionately says to you, don’t look to me to trump the word of God and persuade you.

      You need to read the word of God and ask God if you are the type of person Isaiah is speaking about when he said:

      Isa 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:

      For you honor your Synod of Dort more than what is clearly, plainly and affectionately written.-

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