Are Arminianist real people?

In my short blogging life I have encountered people and websites that hold to the doctrines of Calvinism.  Here at WordPress I can see pro-Calvinist post on Calvinism tags.  On the Armenian tags I also see pro-Calvinism post, but no real Arminianism post.  Are Arminianist real people?

I see Calvinism rebutting the ideas of Arminianism but I haven’t seen a card carrying Arminianist.  I see the card carrying Calvinist everywhere but where is the Arminianist?

So calling all card carrying Arminianist, are you out there?  Are you real people?

3 thoughts on “Are Arminianist real people?

  1. I am a Calvinist.

    Arminian can be as a noun or as an adjective. Arminianist is not a word.

    And Armenians are that people group next to Turkey etc.

    Right now I am not close friends with any Arminians that I can think of. I dont know any Armenians either. 🙂

    I know a few Arminians online and respect them and dont have a problem with them personally, etc.


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