Israel, Iran, War, Damascus and US

Well we made it through the weekend and there is no war in the Middle East to drag the rest of the nations into.  Many political leaders said the time for Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities was before the fuel rods were put in the reactor.  This event happened this weekend and Iran has an active nuclear reactor producing plutonium.

The Obama administration is comforting Israel that it will be a year before Iran can place a gun to their heads in the form of a nuclear bomb.  It is the hope of the Obama administration they can force a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians within the year it takes Iran to build a bomb.  They think doing so will change the politics of annihilation coming from Israel’s neighbors into some kind of hippie love fest style of acceptance of the Jewish nation from those who seek her destruction.

There are those out there that advocate that Damascus has a date with destiny.  In Isaiah there is a prophecy concerning one of the longest continually inhabited cities becoming a heap of ruble. 

An oracle concerning Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.[1]

It is speculated that a war between Israel and Iran would drag Israel’s other enemies into this conflict.  Syria is known to have weapons of mass destruction in its arsenal.  Many ponder if this will be the time when Damascus becomes a heap of rubble.  Israel has told its neighbors that any use of a weapon of mass destruction would result in them retaliating with nukes.  All it would take is one chemical weapon being launched on Israel by any one of her enemies and most likely Damascus will be seen as the ultimate source of Israel’s grief. 

But I have to ponder, what will be worse, the fate of Damascus or our United States who has forced Israel into such a compromised position she finds herself in today.  To make the fate of our nation more treacherous, this administration wants to hold Israel in a state of constant duress as Iran gets closer to its goal day by day.

In the end Damascus may become a heap of rubble in our time, but what will happen to us whose government has, for what ever purpose, let Israel’s enemies set the day for her execution much like Haman from the book of Ester.

We are not simply watching the possible events that lead to war.  We are watching spiritual warfare unfold as it unfolded before concerning the demise of those whom God calls His people.

We are on the precipice of not only something shaking the Middle East, the entire world is teetering over the edge just waiting for that one event to change everything in our political, financial and spiritual conditions.  Something has to trigger our elusive New World Order into a full fledged in your face oppression.  Something has to give rise to our acceptance of the man of sin.  We may be watching this trigger come to pass even here and now.

I understand the United States is not exempt from the same destruction that faces Damascus.  We have turned our backs on Israel and are holding the cup of trembling.  We are candidate number one who will be cut to pieces because of this burden.  I do not know whose destruction will come first.  If us, we may go out glowing too.

As for me I have made a declaration of what I will do when the day comes I hear Damascus has become a heap of rubble.  I don’t care if I am in the middle of a grocery isle, I am going to fall down on my knees and worship God out loud because His ancient word is being fulfilled in our day.  For we are living in those days.

[1] Isaiah 17:1

3 thoughts on “Israel, Iran, War, Damascus and US

  1. Ask Nebuchadnezzar this question…”Who rules in the kingdom of men?’ He will contend vigorously that GOD rules in the kingdom of men. And that GOD sets over it men such as Nebuchadnezzar who are ‘the basest of men.’ (Daniel 4:17) . Be clear. GOD…not MAN is aligning nations and bringing about those things necessary for the conclusion of earthly time. GOD has been moving us to that END….since the first verse in Genesis….”In the BEGINNING.’ GOD RULES! NOT THE REPUBLICANS. NOT THE DEMOCRATS. NOTHING….NOTHING…NOTHING….will come to the covenant people of God…which HE does not ordain,purpose. ..and allow…. for ETERNAL reasons. And there will NEVER be nuclear war on this earth. In Revelations 7:3 confirms the presence of healthy TREES at the time He gathers the church….just before the current earth is destroyed. He says to the angels who are about to perform the plagues of the Seventh Seal…”..Hurt not the earth, neither the seas, nor the TREES….till we have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads.’ This SEALING is the gathering..or claiming..or taking possession of what is His kingly possessions….the saints. BUT WHY DID HE MENTION THE HEALTH OF THE ….TREEEEEEESSSS???? SO WE KNOW, AND SEE, AND UNDERSTAND what is or is NOT coming upon us before His return. At His return in the Six Seal the earth, the seas, and the TREES are still ALIVE!! During the God-ordained world-wide rule of the man of sin….death and destruction will be rampant. Satan and his incarnate ‘son’…the Antichrist will destroy the poeple of God..and ALL people with a lust for death and destruction that we cannot imagine. BUT SATAN DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DESTROY WHAT GOD HOLDS IN STORE!!! During the entire final three-and-half years of the rule of Evil…God is…at the same time…bringing a close to the casting away of the natural branch. BE CLEAR. GOD RULES…NOW…PERFECTLY…PURPOSELY..AND WITHOUT DEFEAT. It is at the end of the witness of Moses and Elijah…..immediately before the return of Christ…that the ‘remnant’ is redeemed from their ‘casting away’….as promised to Abraham. They are seeing the power of God in the two ‘witnesses’ of Revelations chapter eleven. The witnesses cannot be stopped. Their GOSPEL cannot be stopped. Not even the ‘gates of hell’ can prevail against it. It is only when the two witnesses have finished their prophesying….only when GOD decided it was time…that Satan was allowed to kill them physically. Then..then..then…I love this….then AFTER THREE DAYS (where have we heard before of resurrection after three days???) they are RESURRECTED..and..just like Christ…they begin to ascend back to the Father….in response to the command ‘come up hither.’ It is at that INSTANT that the remnant who was made spiritually blind, deaf…fat…is restored…as God promised. Rev. 11:13 And the same hour there was a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand; AND THE REMNANT WERE AFFRIGHTED AND GAVE GLORY TO THE GOD OF HEAVEN.!!!!” Only AFTER the gathering of the saints to meet Him in the air…..does the earth experience the affects of nuclear fission. The melt-downs caused as the earth reels ‘to and fro’….as all the natural laws held in store by God…are voided.

    We are commanded…’fear not’…as we see the evils of the days. GOD RULES!! ABORTION, HOMOSEXUALITY…ALL THE PREVALENT EVILS…are only here NOW by the purpose and permission of GOD. REJOICE!!

    I understand, however, that we are seeing INCEDIBLE changes on the horizon!!! IT IS TIME FOR THOSE CHANGES!! GOD IS ‘BRINGING’ ….ALLOWING THE CHANGING TIMES!!


    Good post. All eyes are on the middle east and America. Remember….peace will come to the middle east. Then ‘when they say peace and safety…sudden destruction comes upon them.’ GOD is on tract with His plans for the endtimes.


  2. Hi Glasseyedave,

    Interesting post – there is much speculation about end-times events though so I think we all need to exercise caution. There is a prophesy in Zec 14 v 12-13 though that uncannily resembles a nuclear fallout which the Lord visits on those that come against Jerusalem.

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