Satan’s parallax view on your children

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It don’t matter to me, if you take up with some one who is better than me.  Cause your happiness is all I want, for you to find…  Lot of people have a legal hang up cause they want to be the only one.  How many came before it really doesn’t matter just as long as you’re the last.  Everybody is moving on trying to find what’s been missing in the past.

Those words became popular in society through the pop hit “It doesn’t matter to me” by the band Bread.  This song is now lost in the almost unknowable amount of songs that glorify “romance” in our culture.  But it is not so much romance but a liberty to be free from Godly commitment in sexual relationships.  Thanks to the direction this nation is headed in, we have a plethora of T. V. and internet inducements as well to be involved in infidelity either in mind or in deed.

Make no mistake, we are under attack.  This is not friendly fire.  We are in the parallax view of one of the most destructive weapons to the church.  The goal is not your destruction.  Oh no, by no means.  Statistically you have a fifty percent chance of already being considered a bull’s eye.  The emphasis of this attack is your children.

Oh how lightly we pass our indulgences off as needing to find happiness.  After all God wants you to be happy, doesn’t He?  We confess we have needs too, and one ill deed begets another.  Soon we find culture is having a hard time keeping up with the church in its perversion of the marriage covenant.  All of this to destroy your children and send them to hell.  And we all thought it was about us.

Scripture declares that God has a purpose in Holy matrimony.  There is a reason God instituted the marriage covenant.  There is distinct purpose for the Lord to make the two become one flesh.  God did this because He was seeking Godly offspring.  And we think it is all about us.  But no, it isn’t just to keep us godly, it is because God wants godly offspring.

Has not the LORD made them one? In flesh and spirit they are his. And why one? Because he was seeking godly offspring. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the wife of your youth.[1]

Yes the institution of marriage is a beautiful thing.  A man and a woman can come together in a courtship with godly supervision.  The father is to protect his daughters under his roof with attentive care until she is properly given to a young man of God.  In this they will with clean hearts become one flesh and raise godly children.  And yes their lives will be full of true innocent romance.

Instead we have a culture so tumultuous turning and overturning itself in a desperate unprotected search for “love”.  One half or our media is consumed with finding love and the other half is dealing with broken hearts.  Most songs will fit into those two categories 

Our culture is left with a fifty percent divorce rate, unwed mothers, people cohabiting together and homosexuality.  Satan has surrounded the camp of society.  In the church he is in our midst, inside the camp.  But he doesn’t come to confront the church with full frontal nudity, it is just suggestive.  It was only a little homosexual humor.  We knew what was happening, they just didn’t show it.  And this we even let get spoon fed to our children.

We have forgotten how to blush even at commercials.  We feed sexual content to our children in commercials every ten minutes.  Not that all commercials are that way so it’s not that bad, right?  

We go to the altar of entertainment’s perversion so frequently that the statistics say that average father spends less than eleven minutes in meaningful conversation with his children for the whole day.  However our children watch six hours of TV a day.  So much for fathers teaching their children of the Lord.  And we think fornication is all about us.  It is about our children.

We have shown our children that we are hypocrites, that we do not really believe what say we believe.  We show them God’s word is folly to us.  Oh yes we go to church and sing praises to His name and are actively involved.  But in our private lives we don’t have an honest parent to child conversation that last more than eleven minutes.  Of that how much is instructions in the Lord?  Instead we give our children to Howard Stern and other trashy filth in the morning radio shows.  Let them feast on promiscuity in school.  Then top it off with a steady diet of TV as their reward once homework is done. 

And we think our double mindedness and little indulgences here and there are only about us.  We think our right to be happy with the one we are with concerns us.  It is about our children.  What a shame that even in church, a true godly young man or woman with a passion for knowing God seems extraordinary to us. 

I have two messages I would like to leave you with.  First of all to the younger crowd.  Forsake the god of your fathers.  Do not do what your fathers do.  Don’t think romance is all about you, it is not.  Vow yourself to the God of scripture who calls His people to live Holy and being separated.  Do not give your children into the hands of their devourer because you did not honor the marriage bed.  Pledge in your heart that you will be godly in your relationships and entertainment.  It is not just about you, it is about your children.

My second message is to us all.  Give up the sin that so easily entangle us.  Television is not wholesome.  Unplug the cable and turn off the satellite.  If you want television, there are plenty of wholesome shows from yesteryear that you can buy to watch.  Enjoy a good show with your family without having to be exposed to sexual content in commercials every ten minutes.

Read to and with your children.  Read and study God’s word with your children.  Pray as you come together as a family.  Let your children see you read and study God’s word for yourself.  Let your children see you love your spouse.  They can not see it when we are watching flesh.  How can we expect our children to honor the marriage bed if we will not in our pursuit of so called entertainment?

But alas, I am asking you for the impossible.  There is no way you can do this.  Unless you walk in the Spirit.  If the Spirit of God is in you, you will not satisfy the desires of the flesh.  If He is not in you, you will not be inclined to change and will excuse your continued walking in the flesh.  You will reject this and any call to live godly and raise godly children.  You will assume your children’s relationship with God will be by osmosis’s in church.  Not by an actual lifestyle and participation in their lives.  Satan will have want He wants.  He will have your children like he already has you.

If your find yourself in a place you wish not to be, if your have slipped backwards and not gone forward there is a refreshing place to change your hearts.  Are you tired or going to church only to feel God does not see, that He does not hear or pay attention to you and your needs where you are?  There is a rest to find.  If you have given into the lie of worldly romance, worldly entertainment, little indulgences here and there.  It you have children who care not for the Lord or if your own heart is calloused, ask God to search your heart.  If you have tears let it not be because God does not hear you, let it be because you have left Him for the simply average American Christian lifestyle.

Another thing you do: You flood the Lord’s altar with tears. You weep and wail because he no longer pays attention to your offerings or accepts them with pleasure from your hands.  You ask, “Why?” It is because the LORD is acting as the witness between you and the wife of your youth, because you have broken faith with her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.[2]

If we have blown it in our walk the Lord and the Holy Spirit no longer convicts you when willingly participate in ungodly entertainment, if you have been trapped in the revolving door of marriage, if you have secret sins, cry out to the one who can save you.  He is the one who can give you a new heart.  Walk in the freshness of the Lord’s life giving Spirit.  Come to Him with a repentant heart and let Him heal you.  Don’t just seek Him, perhaps reach out to Him and find Him.

[1] Malachi 2:15

[2] Malachi 2:13-4

One thought on “Satan’s parallax view on your children

  1. Amen to all of it. We are in the war of our lives with an INVISIBLE enemy. But remember…we, too, are also the children of our parents. He is out to destroy EVERYONE. He would rape God and cut off His the blink of an eye. I was deliberately graphic because the Word itself is extremely graphic concerning the evil and rotting heart of Satan. God showed me in a heartwrenching vision in 2005 that Satan has the contemporary church held hostage and is doing to her what he will. THAT MEANS ME!!! It’s the ‘what he will’ that was so sickening. He HATES her with a vengence we can’t even understand. Re 12:4 …….and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. ” DEVOUR??? DEVOUR???? WE HAD BETTER KNOW IT!!!!! And MOST ARE NOT LISTENING TO THE WARNING. WHY???? Because only God opens deaf ears. And the deaf are content in their deception. But I am not deceived. I will HEAR. I will SEE. I will KNOW. I will ‘follow.’ I will ABIDE. I will be HOLY. I will be the Temple of God. I will be the Bride of Christ. I will be ‘in the world but not of the world.’ It is when my ‘will’ is subject to His ‘will’ that I am free from the bondange of sin and death. It is then that the fruits of the spirit ….abiding and receiving nourishment from the VINE…that devils are bound, sick are healed…and souls brought from death to LIFE. Those who ‘know’ the Truth must conform themselves to the Truth. God seeks such to FOLLOW after HIM. The one who is blind cannot ‘follow’….but the one who ‘sees.’ Dave, God is giving you the ‘knowing’, the ‘seeing, the ‘hearing’….for one reason!!! He is calling you to Holiness, to Christ-likeness, to ‘be ye perfect as He is perfect.’ In this place of righteous perfection…sanctification…is found the favor of God. It is there that the power of of God is made manifest and demonstrated in the midst of evil…as we say ‘thy will be done.’

    Mt 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. And many hearts worship the treasures of pleasure. And the ‘church’ (that includes you and me) is judged and found GUILTY. We are servants of the flesh. We are gluttons for feasting, for comfort, for having the last word, for selfishness, and worst of all…..for having the ..worse than ..satanic audacity to think we own and control God!!!! ‘Send this email to twelve people and you will receive a mirace.’ ‘Send $1000 and you will receive a miracle.” “Name it and claim it.’ We even call the place where we assemble ‘the house of God.’ We have made going to church and listening to the sunday sermon eqivalent to righteousness. “Love neighbor as thyself’…..I don’t THINK so!!!! We justify living in finery while others live under bridges as ……………..BLESSING FROM GOD?????? God calls such behavior ‘selfish’…’carnal’. Let God be true and every man a liar.

    Well, said way too much. Your post addressed the spark and urgency God has placed in my heart concerning ‘righteousness’ had better be now. Time is running out. When we who ‘know’ the Truth…and are equipped with the power of His mite……can we be Christ’s hand, feet, and heart… a dying world. HE will direct our feet, hands, and hearts to those who WILL hear, see, and FOLLOW.

    Dave, you and I are in a perilous place. WE KNOW what is ‘good.’ And for Him that knoweth to do good…and doeth it not…to him it is sin. So…at this point, Dave….because we know, see, and hear……..we are more accountable before God that those who do not know, see, and hear. And God desires that we get it right…that we ‘follow’ Him…led by the inviible but so very real….Holy Comforter….who is both God and Christ.

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