My strange dream

A couple of nights ago I had a dream.  This dream was so real that it took me a while to adjust to the fact that I had been dreaming. 

In my dream I was standing at the edge of lake.  As I stepped out to the lake my feet were held fast on the surface of the lake.  I took step after step expecting to sink at any moment.  The more steps I took the deeper out into the lake I went.  Eventually I got to the point where I began to realize that my faith was not going to give out and that I was not going to sink into the deep lake.  At this my faith swelled and I walked confidently on the lake.  At one point I stopped and lay down on the lake like one would lay down on the floor prostrate. 

My faith being bolstered by the integrity of the surface of the lake, which I could see down into, I got up and took off back to the shore.  On my way back I jumped over a small fishing boat, startling the fisherman in the boat.  As I approached the shore a crowd started to build because of their amazement and curiosity.  However, I found that people were more willing to hear what I had to say about the gospel for now I had some kind of authority to command their attention to hear the validity of what I had to say.  Then I awoke.

I do not know if this is just a random dream or if it is one of those promised in the book of Joel, but it gives me hope that my faith will not fail.  Maybe someday God will work in my life and my message something no man could believe.

5 thoughts on “My strange dream

  1. Dreams from God are always supported or revealed by the Word. The dream is from God. Don’t interpret it yourself. You will be wrong. Wait on the Lord. First comes the dream…then comes the revelation. The Word will reveal to you the meaning of the dream.


  2. Dave,
    That is a very interesting dream indeed. The problem with dreams though is how do we deal with them? Do we ignore them or do we draw from them? Indeed I believe when we dream we should be cautious in our interpretations but it is indeed tempting to believe that the Lord Himself was revealing something to us in that dream. To tell you the truth I myself have had several “strange” dreams in the past – dreams of a supernatural nature. But I have always been reluctant to share them with others mainly because they might feel I am making things up – or that it was self-induced etc. I never really knew how to treat them so mainly kept them to myself. It is good to see however that I am not the only one having such dreams.

    • I am sure Joseph’s dreams made no sense for years and looked like they couldn’t possibly be from God. God always does things so much more differently than we would, making it that much more surprising when He does it. But still don’t know if this was a Joel moment or undigested beef.

  3. U know I don’t normally post, but that is very cool dream, and our boldness growing as we step out in faith and watch what Jesus does. Sometimes it seems our stepping out in faith doesn’t produce the “results” we expected, but we don’t always get to see or know the results Jesus is moving towards. Friend of mine said the Holy Spirit said go to the entrance of the store, their is walking out a black man, tell him he needs Jesus. He did…and the guy cussed him out. He said ” Jesus, I was expecting him to repent..miracles etc…what happen?” The Holy Spirit said, “I just want u to obey and leave the “results” up to me.”
    I agree on the dream, wait and see. seems a lot of things we bury at the cross and let Jesus raise them or not.
    Have a blessed day.

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