Did the Law nullify the promise?

Hopefully I can better explain my position on the dispensation of the two covenants by addressing the comments that you have laid out. 

To begin with, I think Christianity as a whole, not every believer, looks at the Law with the wrong pair of glasses on.  When most consider the Law they think of the ordinances given at Mt. Sinai.  When I think of the Law, I see two divisions of the Law.  Not two divisions of what was given at Mt. Sinai.  But two divisions of what is written in the books of Moses.  I think this is where a lot of confusion comes from for those who wrestle to understand my position. 

I assume, when believers consider the Law as only those things spoken of at Mt. Sinai, they make incomplete connections of the doctrinal significance that our New Testament emphasizes concerning the covenant God gave Abraham. Continue reading

Important clarification on Henry’s view

 This is a very important comment from Henry that I do not want to get buried in the comment section in our discusion of the faith.   


 As I said to you in my last comment, there are some points of disagreement in your post in response to me that I would like to address. What you have done in your post in some way reflects the view to the ordinary reader that I have made unbiblical statements so I have highlighted these areas which I will then relate back to my original comment which you are responding to.

 Here is the first point then: Continue reading