Calvinism and 20 Years of Incest

unhappy faceRecently a pillar of one of the local churches where I live was arrested for incest involving his two daughters.  A year before this came out of the closet, I along with two other men had a conversation with this man about salvation. The explosion that took place during this conversation was witnessed by everyone, since I was in a local place (not church) of believers.

I saw that this man had brought a book to this get together and was wanting others to take it home and read it.  It was a book on Calvinism.  Since all of my other efforts to find out what kind of believer this guy was failed, I used the book as my open door.

I asked him if he was a Calvinist and if so was he a 5 point Calvinist.  He said that he was a 3 1/2 point Calvinist.  So I touched on a few of the points.  The one point that caused the conversation to go ballistic was concerning once saved always saved.  This man did his typical regurgitation of Calvinistic doctrine, which I refuted.

At one point the Catholic in the conversation asked this man if he would still go to heaven if he cheated on his wife, was a murderer, etc.  He said, “Absolutely”.  I quoted I John were it is written that he who does righteousness is righteous as He is righteous.  Not that you can live like the devil and still be righteous as He is righteous.  I was informed I was wrong.  I said this was not my words but John’s.  I asked him point blank, do you think John’s doctrine in I John is wrong and he looked me in the eye and said, “Yes”.

This is when things blew up.  He acted very childishly and left in a tiff.  Others at the gathering witnessed this heated discussion.

The irony of irony is less than a week later he comes up on me reading my bible.  He confesses he has not read his bible in over a year but excused it as ok , because he has not read anything in over a year.  In fact he just started reading again and he held up the book Pride and Prejudice.

Now I knew something was wrong with this man’s faith in the beginning because this so called godly pillar of the church talked of nothing but sports and hunting.  Then after these last two conversations I knew he had to be doing something, but thought it was porn.

Irony of ironies he had my wife and I over a month before he was busted and grilled us for two and a half hours on why we do not go to church.

So here we have a man that has been raping his daughters twice a week for twenty years.  With a reputation as a godly pillar in his church and the community.  So is he saved or not?

Tony Evans in his book “Totally Saved” under the section “Assurance and Spiritual Failure” states this, “If your trust in Christ alone as your Savior and the guarantor of your eternal destiny, you are saved for eternity.  But consequences await God’s children who turn away from Him”.

So if eternal damnation is not the result of spiritual failure, which this repugnant pedophile is the poster child for, then what then awaits those who trust in Jesus as their savior yet live like the devil?

Consequence one on page 230 paragraph two.  “But believers who turn away from God can become so hard other people can’t win them back and their lives may end in spiritual ruin as far as their earthly service is concerned – even though they are saved”.  So wahhahhaaa… This guys earthly ministry has taken a hit. but still Saved!

Consequence number two on page 231 third paragraph.  “God sometimes has to resort to putting a sinning believer to death to keep that person from embarrassing the kingdom”.  Well apparently this is not embarrassing enough for God.  I know there are people praying he will die.  I am glad I can share with them such prayers are endorsed by a God who worries more about embarrassment over righteousness in His people.

The final consequence of spiritual failure states, “Jesus said this judgment would cause “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.  This isn’t the suffering of hell but the anguish of those who miss the greatest party of all time and eternity.  That’s why Paul cautioned us to be careful what we build our lives with…”  At worst, a man’s earthly serviced is lost and God may take him out and not let him into the greatest party of all time, BUT the man is still saved.

This is why I want to congratulate Calvinism and Reform Theology for such comfort and assurance to a man who raped his daughter, twice a week for 20 years.  Oh yes, and by the way… was addicted to porn.  He got busted masturbating over porn magazines at a transfer station over 10 years ago.  NO ONE would believe the witness, since he was a godly man.  But now they are proved right!

If you have any ways in which you too would like to thank Calvinism for such spiritual insight and would like to quote some of your favorite Reform Theology teachers with examples of the fruit of their doctrine…  I do not want to hear it.  It is bad enough this woman has sobbed like a child in my wife’s lap wanting to know were God was, and now can’t stand to look at her daughters because all she can see is her “Totally Saved” husbands hands all over them.



2 thoughts on “Calvinism and 20 Years of Incest

  1. Easy-believism, shallow spirituality, dangerous assurance . . . they all go hand in hand. Now, I claim no expertise on the after-life and will leave that subject to those who relish debates over heaven, hell, Gehenna, Sheol, hades, third and seventh heavens, etc. However, this “pillar of the church” just crumbled and fell in front of the whole world and exists now as nothing more than a pile of rubble . . . as should be the case! So far as the eternal destiny of his soul is concerned, I would not want to stand in his shoes on Judgment Day; however, I would also be more concerned about the consequences of his actions NOW. The man should, at the very least, be thrown in prison and locked away with the keys buried. Also, of course, my heart breaks for his two daughters, who obviously will need a great deal of pure love, support, encouragement, and professional therapy. I hope and pray all the best for them, (and I suppose his wife, too.) Good, enlightening article, especially nailing Calvinism to the wall!

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