Although I go by glasseyedave my real name is David Griffin.  I have four children and have been happly married for 19 years!  I have two years at a Assembly of God Bible college in Kirkland, WA and seven years of youth work experience.  Through the devotion of those who believed in the ministry of the youth we went on two mission trips, worked with other denominations to reach the youth and had a drama team.  I had the privileged to not only preach the gospel to the youth but pour my soul into ten fine adult youth volunteers.

I use the name glasseyedave as a way to explain who I am.  I look at life and the scriptures from as different a perspective as a glass eye.  My convictions of what the Bible teaches concerning our hope found in the Word of God is the reason for this blog.

Fundamentally, I believe that the grace of God and salvation is not simply something God does for us, but instead the gospel teaches salvation is something God does in the believer.  Please check out my tab “Uncommon Belief” to get the essance of what I believe scripture teaches.

Please keep in mind this blog is incomplete and doesn’t get the attention it needs, at least at this time.  But if you have question please contact me.

I have started a Radio Program aired once a week in the Spokane, WA area that can also be heard here on the radio tab.

I hope my blog challenges you and at the same time is somewhat entertaining.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to ‘see’ you and hear more ‘about’ your ministry…lol. Your posts are refreshing since they are truth. We have come to the days when man heaps to himself doctrines that match his behavior. But Truth does not change and only the heart open to Truth will become Christ-like. I agree with you totally that Christianity is interactive. Being a retired educator I know the teacher can teach but the student learns only as he submits to the teaching. When the teacher puts forth facts and the student rejects those facts…learning does not happen. Christ is the Teacher. We are the students. The world and many areas of the established church is filled with false doctrine. Many listen to man’s doctrines rather than being taught Truth by the very real and present Holy Spirit. As days get darker, and they are getting darker, God desires we strengthen and encourage one another with Truth. Truth is the only weapon against the wiles of satan. Only yesterday I read the article of the Miami police who shot and killed a naked man who literally was attempting to devour the head of his victim. Evil! Pure evil! God is loosing the restraints and satan contines to be the roaring lion seeking to devour. I did a post some time back titled ‘Insanity vs Evil.’ We ere when we do not fully understand the very real destructive, desolate. and eternally damned heart of satan and his subserviance before God. Again, I am so very glad you are back blogging and in radio ministry. I will find opportunity to catch up on your posts. I know I will enjoy them.

    Best wishes to you and your family!!!

  2. I have known you and interceded for you for a long time. I have loved watching your growth, your wonderful marriage, your parenting and your tender heart. I love so many things about you and your family is off the hook. Hear the BUT here? My only comment is: You are NOT contentious.
    Blessings on you and yours,

  3. I find it very interesting that you chose the moniker ‘glasseye dave’ and that you “look at life and the scriptures from as different a perspective as a glass eye”. Glass eyes don’t see anything. They give the appearance that they can see, but are useless for sight. After going through what you have written and your positions, it’s sad to see that you have chosen a most suitable name. Very sad indeed and I do hope that someday you and your family WILL see the truth.

    • You have not disappointed. Everyone who likes to pretend that I am in error only boast about my error like you have. Please tell me how I have violated what is written and where it is written. Teach me the error of my ways and I will learn. Of all my detractors, not one has shown me in scripture where I have broken what is written. Will you be the first? But they are upset about what I bring to light in the scriptures.

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