Why did God want to kill Moses?

After Moses had met the Lord at the burning bush and was sent by God to go to Egypt so that God’s people would be freed from bondage, we immediately read how God was going to kill Moses, after Moses set out to do as the Lord had said.  And this because Moses did not circumcise his son.

At a lodging place on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him.[1]

Is it that:

  1. 1.  This is proof that “the God” of the Old Testament was a psychotic bloodthirsty deity who was all too happy to punish anyone He was displeased with?
  2. 2.  God is not the psychotic bloodthirsty “God” of the Old Testament, but He did punish most severely those who did not obey Him to the letter of the law, since it was grace that was waiting to be revealed in Christ.
  3. 3.  God was defending the grace that He already demonstrated in the gospel of His word by opposing Moses to kill him.

Most of us believers would choose option two and most non believers probably would choose the first option.  However I think the real answer is the third option.  God is not the punishing God of the Old Testament, but the loving God of the Old Testament and He demonstrated His love and commitment to our very gospel when He was going to kill Moses.

As crazy as this sounds… Let me show you how scripture actually proves this. Continue reading