The Kingdom

The Kingdom by David L. Griffin

Not long ago but very near and present. In a place uncomfortably close although not found on any map there is a kingdom. Strangely today most people no longer believe in this realm, although everyone recognizes it when they see it. Rest assured this place is real and the battles are fierce, but where one does not see danger there is nothing to fight for. Sadly its memory has become so faint and the belief in it so rare it may have even slipped from your mind.

The dragon is the most terrible of beast. It wasn’t the claws that could hurt a man that needed to be feared. Nor was it its sharp teeth and powerful jaw it used to devour its enemies. One might even suspect it was the fire of its wrath directed at those who would challenge it. Instead this beast is the most hideous of creatures because of its tongue. With it the dragon will lure men away from the laws of God to their ruin. By offering so called new liberties for men to live their lives by, he can lead them to pursue self fulfillment and pleasure instead of righteousness, bringing them to their destruction. This most terrible and dangerous of beast went by many names. Most people know him as the dragon Compromise.

Compromise loathed the king of the land. For the king stood for everything the dragon sought to destroy. Compromise wanted to bring and end to justice and righteousness, and all who obeyed the Laws of God. Time and time again the dragon would attack the kingdom, but the king Standard would not let Compromise overcome the Laws of God and take control of his kingdom. Every attack that Compromise made against Standard ended in failure. The dragon had to think of a new strategy to destroy the king and his kingdom.

King Standard was a good king because he himself never forgot to obey God’s Law when he ruled his kingdom. By applying God’s Law to his people they dwelled in safety which he protected with his sword Justice. He always remembered it when he judged the peoples because the sword was always by his side ready to be drawn to serve.

The crown on his head is called Unity by which all the people came together under God’s Law in agreement to served the king. Not because they feared the king but because they knew he reigned righteously. The people knew they were of one people and one cause.

Everything was done with impartiality and this was represented by the King’s necklace. Every time the people stood before their king they would always look up and remember the king didn’t play favorites because they saw the necklace. Everyone was the same before the law because they knew the king feared God.

The cross on the king’s breast plate was the symbol of the righteousness people live in when they obeyed the Laws of God. This was the king’s desire for his people. He knew that this was they only way that he could guarantee his subjects their liberty. It was the only way the king could keep the kingdom strong and not let it be destroyed.

Now after much time and failed attempts at destroying King Standard the dragon crafted plans for new weapons that he knew for sure would destroy the king. With his new plan the king would never know he was under attack, because it wouldn’t be the dragon he would have to defend himself from. The King would have to defend himself from his own compromise. The attack would be subtle and unnoticed.

In the king’s court when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases one of his nobles approached. The noble pleaded with much tears and distress how his lands were not as fertile as the other nobles land. Therefore he could not contribute as much to the king’s table as the other nobles. It was with many cries for fairness that the king could no longer be such a burden to this noble. It was out of the king’s kindness and pity that he waved the Law of Provision for his table so this noble would be treated more fairly. This noble in order to honor the king’s decision gave himself a new name. He called himself It’s Not Fair.

When the news reached the dragon of King Standard’s decision, it didn’t take him long to act. With his evil arts and corruptible practices he birthed a son that he called Fairness. It didn’t take long for Fairness to change the whole land since it was Standard himself who made it possible for fairness to work his evil art and destroy the meaning of justice and in the land. Anywhere he heard the cry, “It’s not fair” fairness was there working his craft destroying all the workings of justice.

Some time later when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases one of his nobles approached. This noble put his plead before the king saying he had always tried to serve his majesty and give him the best for his table. The noble couldn’t understand how the king could abandoned the Laws of God by no longer showing impartiality under the law, but instead let the noble It’s Not Fair get away with not obeying the Law of Provision while the rest still had to. After questioning the king about this the noble listen to the king repeat how unfair it was for this noble since his land was not as good as the others. The king would not hear the nobles cry for him to be impartial under the law with his subjects and return to the standards of the Law of God. So the noble said, “I will no longer go by the name of my birth. Since the king will not hear me, my name will now be Partiality.”

The spies of the dragon came swiftly with the news saying, Oh great and mighty Compromise who will rule the kingdom of men, your adversary has given you the power to craft another son.” The dragon was delighted. He celebrated at his success and the soon victory he will have over king Standard. In a wild frenzy he gave birth to his new son Favoritism. Everywhere in Standard’s kingdom Favoritism went he found he had the power to alienate the subjects of the king by the king’s own example. With his craft Favoritism waged war on the kingdom and prevailed. Partiality was now overrunning the land.

In the king’s court when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases one of his nobles approached. He bowed low to honor the king for he new the king was not who he once used to be. He didn’t count on his past friendship with the king but humbled himself before the king. “My lord and my king”, the noble started, “have mercy on your subjects and bring all men to unity again by treating all men the same under the Laws of God that you were once pledged to obey with justice and impartiality.” At this the king grew angry because his own nobles didn’t understand it was the kindness of his heart and pity that gave his noble It’s Not Fair favoritism from the king. When the noble saw there was no hope to sway the king he said, “I am no longer a noble of the king; no longer will I serve him for my new name is Division.”

As quickly as he had made Fairness and Favoritism the dragon crafted his new son Diversity. Diversity was not only a crafty dragon but he was beautiful. Many people welcomed him into their towns, homes and churches because of his beauty. Everywhere he went Diversity practiced his craft. People only believed in his beauty but never wanted to see that he only created disunity and division amongst the people. They had too forgotten the Laws of God and didn’t stand up against any of the destructive power of the dragon’s offspring. Soon Diversity had control of most of the kingdom and all unity was lost.

Now not spoken of before, because kings get all the attention and glory, there where two individuals who saw what was happening to the kingdom. They were greatly distressed to see what was happening to the subjects of the king as their father kept ignoring the truths he not only had fought so hard for but what he also taught them. What does one do when such a great man stumbles and looses his way? How does one help the king’s subjects to regain what they lost in their king, when they themselves and the king no longer fear God and obey His Laws.?

In the king’s court when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases one of his nobles approached arrogantly. He made no plea before the king nor did he try to win his favor. Instead he was rude and had a nasty attitude in everything he said and did. Without even mentioning the status or the name of the king he demanded, “You will grant me exclusion from the Laws of God. I will do what I want to do and you will bless it.” He pointed to the many around him with whom he had relationships, some through whom he had children but was never married. He ordered the king, “I will love whom I will love and you will not only encourage it, you will harm and imprison anyone who hides behind morality and God’s law to accuse me hatefully of sin.” Then he arrogantly finished by saying, “for my name is Perversion.” Turning he left the kings presence to persecute those who still dared to whisper the Laws of God.

“I have him, I have him”, Compromised shouted with glee. “I now will control the kingdom and its king.” He with his fowl craft didn’t stop there to make his next son. He went deep into the heart of evil itself to conjure up his new son. For his new son was not all dragon as the last three had been. Instead he was a perversion of nature for he was also a man. His heart was as twisted and ungodly as the mixing of his two natures. The dragon knew people would not accept his newest son. This worried Compromise for the perversion of his nature was too much and he feared a backlash from the people and their king. He couldn’t afford to have his new power becoming undone by the precise working of perversion. With a deep satisfying laugh he named his newest son Acceptance. And in the name of Acceptance people everywhere were told to endure all the perversions that the dragon’s son brought forth. For it is the truth of the matter that it was in the hearts of men who had left the laws of God by which the dragon’s son Acceptance worked his craft.

Men and women everywhere celebrated the braveness of the king to rule and offer people such new liberties. The Law of God meant nothing to the people as the people did what was right in their own eyes. The people now sought their own pleasure and fulfillment instead of righteousness, justice and holiness. The dragon Compromise couldn’t have hoped to bring so much destruction on the king and his kingdom in a frontal attack on the Law of God. But through his craftiness Compromise was now able to lead men to their destruction because the king and the people didn’t guard their own hearts, letting their own comprise destroy their kingdom with all it’s true liberties found in God’s law.

In the king’s court when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases both of his children approached. They waited and they waited for the king but he never showed. They wanted to make a plea for what made their kingdom great and their subjects strong. But they couldn’t get an ear. There was nobody at the court who cared about Justice anymore. No one lamented that the Laws of God were cast aside by the people. People only discussed what they thought was fair. The nobles who still followed the king showed impartiality no more, but only favoritism and doled out favors to those who gave them gifts. The kingdom had lost all unity and was splitting asunder because everyone perceived they belong to a special group for which they all sought special rights and fought for favoritism. Almost all semblances of righteousness had gone from the land for everyone forgot the Laws of God.

It didn’t matter who made the laws. Whether it be man or God himself people lost all respect for the laws and the givers of the laws. Sadly the Law of God which prevented evil men to rule was replaced with statutes of men that help evil men to keep their power over the people. They took peoples homes and placed heavy fines on the people, not because they were immoral people but because the statutes were too over burdensome. There were so many statutes that nobody could know them all. The people went from Ten Laws to thousand upon thousand of statutes. It was whispered in the kingdom that everyone was a criminal and would be in danger of being thrown into the dungeon with so many statutes. It only became a matter of neighbor turning in neighbor or a son his father.

In the king’s court when the king came to set before the people to judge their cases both of his children Steadfast and Hope would wait again and again to be seen by their father the king. At last the day came when the king sat in court but the children left broken hearted and dismayed. Their father Standard no longer recognized them. He forgot what he had taught them and what they used to stand for. It was worse than that. The children could have sworn all of his love was replaced with bitterness and hatred for them. They had not forgotten the Laws of God or the righteous rule of the King. The testimony of this in his children’s lives offended the king. He no longer remembered them or their names. Instead an order was given to apprehend those who would not turn completely from the Laws of God and pledge themselves to the way of so called “enlightenment” the kingdom was now under.

The children perceived they were outcast in their father’s own kingdom. They had become exiles in their own land. Steadfast and Hope made plans for this exile as they gathered what they could.

Hope put on her flower wreath for which she had understanding of the times they lived in. In the face of much danger she put on her necklace of purity in full display of all she would pass. And she caressed the bouquet of flowers which she would give to those she would show mercy.

Steadfast new that the battle that lay ahead would not be easy or short. Putting on his helmet of perseverance he readied himself for the commitment he would have to make. Then he picked up the sword that his father had made for him in the likeness of his own sword. The sword was named Selflessness which was made to fight together with the sword Justice to protect the kingdom, but now that was all lost. Steadfast knew it would be his sacrifice of selflessness in the times when justice could not be found in which he would have to fight this battle.

Steadfast and Hope knelt down and prayed to the great King of Heaven. Hope started, “Jesus our King we thank you for giving us the understanding of the times we live in. Help us to display your gospel in mercy to those who have been overtaken by the dragon Compromise. May our purity and obedience to your word be steadfast.” Then Steadfast added, “And may we be willing to make the selfless commitment to be your example before the people of your righteous Law. Let our hearts not grow faint but with perseverance may we always present your gospel to those who are lost so that we may believe that you can transform our kingdom and its people again. This we pray and believe in hope.”

It is rumored by some here and there that they have seen Hope out there amongst the people. Others claim Steadfast has kept them going and not letting them give up. But one thing is true, they are out there, even today. It may be that even you have talked to them or heard them speak quietly as to your heart.

Now I only tell this story as one who has seen Hope and Steadfast myself. I have joined with them to get the gospel of God and His Laws to the people. If you and others join with us, the day will come when we will destroy that wicked dragon Compromise and his evil children. Then we will look inward and see that our own compromise has been forsaken. On that day we will be able to be with the king again with Steadfast and Hope and this time we will help him and the people to keep the standard. But as for me, I too have changed my name. For now on you can call me Committed.

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