To Tell the Truth

Will the real gospel please stand upThere used to be a television game show called ‘To Tell the Truth’.  I remember watching it when I was younger.  The point of the program was to trick the contestants into believing a lie.  They did this by having three participants try to persuade the contestants of their occupation.  However, only one of the participants actually held that occupation.  The other two participants were lying through their teeth to make themselves seem more credible than the one who actually held the job.  The contestants were each allowed to ask the participants questions to get to the truth.  But of course, the fun of the show was to see the contestants put their votes on the one whom they thought was telling the truth only to see them select a liar.

In today’s post we are having our own game show of ‘To Tell the Truth’. Continue reading

Calvinism’s house of Cards

In my last post “Resetting the table of Predestination”  We went through scripture to see if there was any other way to understand Romans 8:29-31.  These few verses are used by the Calvinist to anchor their doctrines of Predestination (God before time began foreknew and chose only some to be saved), Election (God calls only those whom He predestined) and Limited Atonement (God only justified those whom He foreknew and predestined to be saved).  Of Course the jest of this is… to hell with the rest of mankind.

Calvinist would argue it is not God rejecting the unelected, it is the unelected not having any desire to know God.  Sounds good on the surface but they also have a doctrine that teaches no man can no God because man is absolutely reprobate and can not know God, of course without God revealing Himself to reprobate mankind.  So their soft spoken answer to God predestinating part of mankind to hell by saying these do not want to know God, does not get God off the hook for the Calvinist.  According to the doctrine of Calvinism, if those unelected do not want to know God, it is God’s fault that He did not reveal Himself to the unelected.  Remember according to Calvinist man has no free will, not even free will to seek God without God’s active participation in it.  Continue reading

Resetting the table of Predestination


Many people (Calvinist AKA Reform Theology) use Romans 8:29-30 as an anchor to the doctrine of Limited Atonement (Christ only died for those who will be saved) and the doctrine of Election (Only those who are selected by God will be saved). They contend that God foreknew who would be His because He in His sovereignty chose who was to be His elect and who were not. Put another way, those who are going to heaven and those who are going to hell and this based completely on God’s sovereign will and not on man’s free will.

So the doctrine goes like this. Those whom God foreknew in His sovereign election, He predestines to be conformed in the image of His Son. Not only this, those He predestined, God calls them to be saved. Naturally those He calls He will justify with the blood of Christ. Those He has chosen and justified He will glorify when He comes.

Rom 8:29-31 KJV For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. (30) Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified. (31) What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

Many try to grapple with this verse when they find the doctrine of limited atonement and the doctrine of Election not only offensive, but in contradiction to the rest of what they read in scripture. But yet these verses seem to say what the Calvinist say it says. Is there any other way to look at these verses under the light of other scripture so it does not contradict what so many people believe scripture teaches about free will and Christ dying for all mankind? I would like to propose a fresh look at these verses and reset the table Calvinist have laid before us. Continue reading

Changing the debate


I do not know how much you read my blog, but I have been very desirous to converse specifically with you about things I see in scripture.  I wish to address your comments in a more formal manner than just another comment upon comment that sometimes gets overlooked.  Especially concerning such important fundamental truths about the hope held out to us in the gospel.  I hope my addresses to your comments will stir a lot of contemplation and a study of scripture by those who observe this conversation between brothers.

I wish to say, I like your summary of where the crux of the matter is for those who put their hope in Jesus Christ.  For this truly is the heart of the matter. 

“So of course where we are at is that those who desire to be sheep need to take heed that they are not complacent lest they become a instead goat – or they are living as a goat whilst assuming that they are a sheep. I think this is the crux of the matter.”

Ironically this is just one way scripture points to the truth of what you are saying.  In other cases it speaks of fruit and trees, again in other places it comes out and plainly speaks of believing in vain or falling from grace, etc.  Sadly though one half of Christianity believes these truths are not for them, the other half is completely unaware of these truths.  Leaving only a small minority who understand the truth you elaborated on and who strive to live by it. Continue reading

Consequences of salvation


In yesterdays post 1 Peter chapter one and the three tenses of salvation I talked about how Peter did not speak of three tenses of salvation as taught by the Calvinist.  That Peter saw election and God’s foreknowledge working with a gospel of hope unto one tense of salvation.  This salvation is a future event to come at Christ return.  It doesn’t even happen at the altar of conversion but becomes for us a living hope through the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

I felt the article was undone so I want to draw your attention to the new section entitled What does this mean for believers?  I encourage you to reread the whole article to grasp the whole consequence of the truth we see in the gospel of scripture compared to the gospel of men.  Then decide what gospel you will follow.  Also notice the link to my previous article, when rereading, called The three red flags on the three tenses of salvation in order to get an even wider range of scripture to consider when comparing the gospel of men to The Gospel According to the Gospel.

You decide, what will be your gospel?

Has God really said?

As a follow up to yesterdays post, I would like to keep discussing God’s love for mankind and the dangers of heresy in the church that would unwittingly pervert the gospel we have received.

Our adversary, the devil, could not keep Christ from becoming our savior.  Christ has died to take away the sins of the world and there is nothing that can be done about.  But this doesn’t keep him from spreading lies about what Christ has done and what it means for mankind.

There is a man of history who has bought into a lie from Satan concerning the love of God and the sacrifice He has made for mankind.  Calvin bought into the lie that Christ did not die for every man.  Somehow he had persuaded himself, like Eve in the garden, that God’s word doesn’t really mean what it says.  The phrase is the same, “Did God really say.”

The teaching of this man Calvin has grown into a doctrine unto itself.  There are vast number of professing bible believers who not only follow this doctrine of Calvin, they malign those of us who do not.  They accuse us who believe God so loved the whole world that, He died for the whole world and offers the whole world salvation as being ignorant of God’s word.

Satan in his lust to pervert God’s grace toward us has actually gotten a large part of believers to believe that Christ did not die for those who will never enter the kingdom of heaved.  They say Christ only died for those who will accept Him.  The Calvinist mumbles and jumbles and twist scripture to say what it does not.  So again the question is, has God really said?

Calvinism teaches that God’s grace is only for the elect and not the non-saved.  They would say that the unsaved has God’s mercy, as in the fact He hasn’t judge them yet and He lets it rain on the just an unjust alike.  But His grace is reserved solely for those who will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.  But has God really said that?

No He hasn’t.  The Holy Spirit has said to us that the grace of God is extended to everyman through Christ.  For Christ has tasted death for every man.  Not some, not elect, but every man.  So again, what has God really said?

But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.[1]

The question for the Calvinist is, will you keep saying to yourself, has God really said and believe a lie straight from the father of lies?  Or will you embrace the gospel message that is presented by the Holy Spirit to us in scripture. Will you let God be God and give us His gospel message or will you now tell us that the word “every man” does not mean every man.  Just like the word “world” doesn’t mean world or the word “whoever” doesn’t mean whoever?  Will you always be stiff necked and say in your hearts, has God really said?

To those of you who love the Lord and His word and are seeing the lies of Calvinism in light of scripture, the Holy Spirit is calling you out of that religion of man.  Depart from this doctrine of man unto the life giving gospel message of the Holy Spirit that wishes to witness this to you on your heart of flesh.

If you are a Calvinist and the Holy Spirit is revealing His word to you, let those of us who follow this web sight know, so you can be encouraged and prayed for by these fellow believers in the true grace of God.  If you have questions in your search for the truth of scripture, ask, so readers of this blog can help you to come to a better understanding of God’s word.  Let you light then so shine that you too can minister to those who come out of her.  As it is written, come out of her my people.

[1] Hebrews 2:9

God’s love in precision

If God’s righteousness is displayed in the heavens, modern science has been showing us how vast is His righteousness.

The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory.[1]

Through the innovation of technology we get to look light years into deep space see how the heavens declare the glory of God.

Man has learned how precise God has put the heavens together.  If we were but a little bit closer to the sun life would not exist on earth.  If we were but a little bit further from the sun, again we would have no life on earth.  If the earth axis and rotation was not what it is, we would not have the weather we do have making life impossible again.  If our solar system was closer to our galactic core than it is we would have too much exposure to the violent nature of the cosmos.  We seem to be tucked away very nicely in the exact location and circumstances that we need to be in for life to exist.

We see this same precision when we look at the atomic level.  If the electron rotated any slower or faster around the atom we would have no atoms.  If the nuclear bond was any weaker or stronger we would have no atoms.  I have not tried to be technical, but in the simplest way show how God has done a very precise work that can not and should not be altered if mankind or creation is to exist at all.

Do we now go from the vastness of the created universe with all of its precision and working laws of science, that God has put in place, and zoom down to earth to a book and declare His work in this book is not exact?  Are we to believe God is exact in His creation that declares His righteousness and glory, but in His book that declares His love it is not so exact?

Believe it or not there are Christians who advocate this very thing when they teach the doctrine of men.  Can you believe that men actually teach that John 3:16 doesn’t mean what we read?

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.[2]

Through a perverted doctrine concerning election they advocate that God did not send His son to the world but to those elect who are in the world.  They teach that whoever does not mean an open invitation to all mankind to receive Christ, but only the elect.  They throw out all kinds of reasons and equally unbiblical uses of scripture derived from the reason of man to support such a position.

Through the reason of man they want us to believe that God did not send His Son to the whole world and that an open invitation is not given to all mankind.  That world doesn’t mean world and that whoever doesn’t mean whoever. 

We can see the in the simplest way that God is precise in what He has done to establish a home for mankind in the heavens.  We can see His exacting handiwork even in the examination of the smallest details found in the atoms.  And this incredibly accuracy is found in something that is temporal and will be burned up.

Yet in His word we have believers that assume God can not and has not communicated His love to us with such accuracy in His eternal word.  These same believers want us to believe that “if” doesn’t mean perhaps or the place of decision but rather to mean “since”.  By hold to and advocating their doctrines upon the hearts of men who would put their hope in Christ, they offer a twisted convoluted idea of God’s love to mankind.

I urge believers to trust God to mean what He says and say what He means in His word.  If God is able to hold creation in His hands with such precision, is He not able to hold His word in His hands with such precision too?  Men will take you down roads of reason and doctrine that starts out biblically but then will imply or say stands to reason.  I say. let’s just stick to what the text says.

For God so loved the world that He gave His Son, our Logos, to us in perfection so that in His open invitation to mankind He is willing that none be lost when we as sinners repent and put our hope in Him.

Be encouraged, those who were burned at the stake during the reformation did not die in vain as they laid down their lives so we can read the scriptures in our own language.  God who is the originator of language did not cut Himself or the representation of Himself out of His word in our translation.  There is no hidden meaning in the word “world”, “whoever” or even “if”. 

We can trust the Holy Spirit to teach us all things in Christ.  We who trust and believe God at His written word are like David who apposed not only a giant, but a whole nation who had God figured wrong.  So be bold in the Holy Spirit and proclaim the written word of God as the Holy Spirit reveals it to you in opposition to the more educated and established institutions built on the doctrines of men.  Remember the exactness of His temporal creation, God’s love communicated to us is even more precise.

[1] Psalms 97:6

[2] John 3:16