Disarming Calvinism (part one)

If there is an explosive topic it is the errors of Calvinism.  See right there many of you just got offended.  But before you blow, let me approach this topic from a different perspective.  So let me start by naming some examples of Calvinism doctrine which I will disarm through the perspective of The Gospel According to the Gospel.

Calvinism teaches that God is committed to a people in that He has grace for them that is irresistible.  That is to say His justification once experienced is inescapable, for what man can escape God’s will?  Which one of us if God imputes His righteousness to us can escape His will?

In “Disarming Calvinism (part two)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that God has let people who were imputed the same righteousness we have come to share in through Christ, fall into damnation.  I will demonstrate how this disarms Calvinism’s doctrine of Irresistible grace. 

Calvinism teaches that man has no free will.  It is God’s calling that determines His elect.  It is this elect that receives imputes righteousness from God.  We do not have any part to play or any exercise of personal will in the matter.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part three)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that we do have free will.  That we do have a role and a choice in our calling and election.  I will disarm Calvinism’s doctrine that teaches men have not choice in their going to Heaven or Hell.

Calvinism teaches that once a man is saved there is no going back.  Once He has been freely justified by the grace of imputed righteousness he is forever a child of the promise.  He has ceased from the being the child the natural birth and has become the child of the chosen of God.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part four)” I will demonstrate from our New Testament that a man can be chosen as a people of God and of the promise and fall away into damnation.  I will demonstrate how this disarms Calvinism’s doctrine of once saved (imputed righteousness though Christ) always saved.

Calvinism teaches that God is ultimately committed to His chosen people, the children of the promise, which gives support to the doctrine of irresistible grace and once saved always saved.  This commitment and support for His people is nonnegotiable with God and that God will not violate this.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part five)” I will demonstrate from the New Testament that God is not dedicated to His people as taught by the Calvinist.  That He is dedicated to something that is greater than His people.  Although this following statement is very explosive, I will demonstrate that His commitment to His people is conditional and will disarm the notion birthed in Calvinism, that God is unconditionally committed to His people. 

Calvinism teaches that there are those people that God has not sent His Son to die for.  Their doctrine actually teaches that God has chosen men to die in there sins because God did not send His Son for them.  Why do they do this?  Because nothing that God does would be less than 100% realized.  So if Christ died for all mankind, and not all receive Him then His efforts are not 100% realized.

In “Disarming Calvinism (part six)” I will demonstrate that God has not chosen some men for glory and some men hell.  I will disarm the Calvinistic idea that suppresses the compassion of God who does not wish for any man to die his sins.

I invite the Calvinist and the non-Calvinist to the discussions, for these will not come in the normal form.  They will come from a completely different perspective based on what scripture teaches us about our own gospel.  I invite you to this discussion from the point of view of The Gospel According to the Gospel.