Is it worth it to serve the Lord?

Watching some of the televised preachers I could easily believe that serving the Lord is a hassle free endeavor.  With all of their promises of God’s blessing financially and spiritually we are lead to believe that serving God is an easy road.  Are we not continually told by these preachers that God intends good for us?

But what really happens to people that make the serious commitment to serve the Lord?  What happens to those of us who strive to live the life of godliness we are called to live?  What happens to us who go against the flow and seek to be true not to the gospel of men, but rather to The Gospel According to the Gospel?  Is it a road of ease without being buffeted with opposition to a life lived unto the gospel?

There is a group of people that were called the people of God who decided to return to the Lord.  They had backslidden and now were committed to repentance and recommitting themselves to the Lord.  But instead of a life of expected ease, they found life harder, almost impossible due to tribulation. Continue reading