Did you know I wrote a short story?

Yes it is true, I have written a couple of short stories that are tucked away here on my blog.  I think many of you are unaware of them.  I would like to introduce you to one called “The Kingdom”. If you liked the beginning you will love the end.  Click the link for the full story.

Not long ago but very near and present.  In a place uncomfortably close although not found on any map there is a kingdom.  Strangely today most people no longer believe in this realm, although everyone recognizes it when they see it.  Rest assured this place is real and the battles are fierce, but where one does not see danger there is nothing to fight for.  Sadly its memory has become so faint and the belief in it so rare, it may have even slipped from your mind. 

The dragon is the most terrible of beast.  It wasn’t the claws that could hurt a man that needed to be feared.  Nor was it its sharp teeth and powerful jaw it used to devour its enemies.  One might even suspect it was the fire of its wrath directed at those who would challenge it.  Instead this beast is the most hideous of creatures because of its tongue.  With it the dragon will lure men away from the laws of God to their ruin.  By offering so called new liberties for men to live their lives by, he can lead them to pursue self fulfillment and pleasure instead of righteousness, bringing them to their destruction.  This most terrible and dangerous of beast went by many names.  Most people know him as the dragon Compromise.

Compromise loathed the king of the land.  For the king stood for everything the dragon sought to destroy.  Compromise wanted to bring and end to justice and righteousness, and all who obeyed the Laws of God.  Time and time again the dragon would attack the kingdom, but the king Standard would not let Compromise overcome the Laws of God and take control of his kingdom.  Every attack that Compromise made against Standard ended in failure.  The dragon had to think of a new strategy to destroy the king and his kingdom.

King Standard was a good king because he himself never forgot to obey God’s Law when he ruled his kingdom.  By applying God’s Law to his people they dwelled in safety, which he protected with his sword Justice. He always remembered it when he judged the peoples because the sword was always by his side ready to be drawn to serve.

The crown on his head is called Unity by which all the people came together under God’s Law in agreement to served the king.  Not because they feared the king but because they knew he reigned righteously.  The people knew they were of one people and one cause.

Everything was done with impartiality and this was represented by the King’s necklace.  Every time the people stood before their king they would always look up and remember the king didn’t play favorites because they saw the necklace.  Everyone was the same before the law because they knew the king feared God.

The cross on the king’s breast plate was the symbol of the righteousness people live in when they obeyed the Laws of God.  This was the king’s desire for his people.  He knew that this was they only way that he could guarantee his subjects their liberty.  It was the only way the king could keep the kingdom strong and not let it be destroyed.

Now after much time and failed attempts at destroying King Standard, the dragon crafted plans for new weapons that he knew for sure would destroy the king.  With his new plan the king would never know he was under attack, because it wouldn’t be the dragon he would have to defend himself from.  The King would have to defend himself from his own compromise.  The attack would be subtle and unnoticed.