The Church of the Living Dead

This post will be the summation of my last two post.  ‘Two Face the Gospel’ and ‘Competing Word of God’ looked at the two different gospels preached from the word of God.  The big question is, how can the Bible appear to teach a gospel of grace and not by works and a gospel that teaches we will be judged by what we do.  One teaching concludes that our behavior has nothing to do with our hope of salvation while the other teaches it has everything to do with our eternal destination.   Are we forever bound to have two gospels?

Now when most people consider the grace of God they say that God in His mercy sent His Son to die for our sins.  Consequently the teaching is the sins of man were nailed to the cross.  I think this is good doctrine.  Only someone who doesn’t understand the basic principles of the gospel would mistakenly say this is not a profound biblical truth.  But is our sins being nailed to the cross the only benefit man has received from the Lord concerning our redemption?  There is something else taught in our gospel that in my opinion appears to be missing in the gospel message of the church. Continue reading

The Competing Word of God

In my last post ‘Two Face the Gospel’ we looked at the two different gospels coming from scripture. One gospel says our salvation is by grace only and has nothing to do with our behavior, before or after conversion. The other side of this two faced gospel is the opposite extreme. It says that our behavior after being saved does matter. This side of the Two Face Gospel says if we do not obey God we will not be saved. These two opposing doctrines, each presented as the truth of the gospel, are completely supported by scripture. Continue reading

Most quoted books in the Bible… I & II Opinions

 Being a blogger, I like to go to other Christian blogs and check out what they are saying.  As in the church so is the World Wide Web.  The church loves to talk about the grace of God, which is good.  We all have to start with the grace of God in order to be born of the Spirit.  What I find troubling is the kind of grace that the church is advocating. 

The bloggers following the church say grace is grace sufficient to save everyone who calls on the name of the Lord.  They actually teach that Christians can not be like Christ.  That we really never do become new creations in Christ Jesus.  Instead they teach, that we still living in the flesh according to the sin nature, are covered by the grace of God, and for this reason we need to have passion to please God because we can never walk perfectly before the Lord.

I have tried to get others to discus scripture that says differently but I can not get anyone to talk of those verses.  They will tell me to get saved, that I am spiritually blind therefore can not understand the truths of scriptures.  I get references on good books to study, get told to go study this chapter or that chapter in the Bible, yet no one of them will address the verses I put forth. Continue reading

Changing the debate


I do not know how much you read my blog, but I have been very desirous to converse specifically with you about things I see in scripture.  I wish to address your comments in a more formal manner than just another comment upon comment that sometimes gets overlooked.  Especially concerning such important fundamental truths about the hope held out to us in the gospel.  I hope my addresses to your comments will stir a lot of contemplation and a study of scripture by those who observe this conversation between brothers.

I wish to say, I like your summary of where the crux of the matter is for those who put their hope in Jesus Christ.  For this truly is the heart of the matter. 

“So of course where we are at is that those who desire to be sheep need to take heed that they are not complacent lest they become a instead goat – or they are living as a goat whilst assuming that they are a sheep. I think this is the crux of the matter.”

Ironically this is just one way scripture points to the truth of what you are saying.  In other cases it speaks of fruit and trees, again in other places it comes out and plainly speaks of believing in vain or falling from grace, etc.  Sadly though one half of Christianity believes these truths are not for them, the other half is completely unaware of these truths.  Leaving only a small minority who understand the truth you elaborated on and who strive to live by it. Continue reading

Me against all Christendom (Calling you)

I am in the oddest of places.  I have found faith in God by attending a local church and in the past been involved in several churches.  Not only was I involved in Sunday school and dramas, I was a youth pastor for several years as well.  But in all of this, I find that I do not agree with the gospel the church sells to people.  What puts me in the oddest of places is, I was drawn to God with the church gospel.  I was not drawn to God by what I read in my bible. 

It isn’t that the gospel I find in my bible would not draw me to the Lord, for certainly it would and probably more sincerely.  It is simply a matter of a fact that I never was exposed to the gospel I read.

My blog “The Gospel According to the Gospel” is dedicated to presenting the gospel I find in scripture, defending it and debunking the gospel of the church.  This however puts me up against all of Christendom.  It is literally me against all Christianity.  I as a small voice in a vast arena of voices am trying to change the mindset of the church on what our gospel is.

Is it that I am crazy for thinking that I am right and the rest of Christendom is wrong?  Do I suffer from a messiah complex and try to draw people away?  Is there any bases in scripture for a whole group of people to get something all wrong?  Is there any bases in scripture for all the chosen people of God to miss something, or does scripture show constantly that the body of God’s chosen people always understands, always perceives all things?  Does scripture support mob ideology for the standard of truth or does it support truth?

Even Jesus taught that the people of God as a whole can be totally out in left field, missing what could have been theirs.  Not missing what could have been theirs because it was hidden, but missing what was right in front of their faces.  I too contend that the church misses what should be right in front of our faces, and this being our gospel.  The church proclaims it is the vehicle of the gospel and I contend it is the vehicle of another gospel.  So am I crazy or am I standing up and doing something that will make me distinct from a whole group of people that missed what was right in front of their faces.

Can you think of a whole group of people, that Jesus taught about, who got it all wrong?  Would you want to have been one of the people who got it right?  Even if you were the only one?  If you want to be one of the ones who gets it right, study “The Gospel According to the Gospel”