My Wittenberg door

Since the last couple of post have been not to friendly towards the local church, I think it is important that I list what I see as not only issues that arise from there being no perfect church.  But what I would call a completely different gospel.  So just as Luther posted his doctrinal theses on the Wittenberg door, so do I on this Wittenberg post.

  1. We say faith is what I posses, meaning salvation and adoption.  Instead of what it is, a hope.
  2. We say Christ came to credit us righteousness and forsake the covenant God gave Abraham when he was credited righteousness.
  3. We ignore that we were included into this righteousness given to Abraham through Christ.  Instead we assume we are given credited righteousness outside of the covenant given to Abraham.
  4. We say we find shadows of our gospel in the Old Testament, when the New Testament declares the Old Testament is our gospel.
  5. We say once saved always saved and yet there is no example in scripture of a man where he is able to break covenant with God and have God still embrace him.  Nor has any prophet or apostle spoke this.  We instead formulate this.
  6. We forsake the context of corporate meetings as taught by Paul.  That those who speak in tongues, interpret, prophesy or have a word of knowledge speak at the gathering of believers.  Instead we replace this with the office of the pastor.
  7. We pass out salvation at the altar as if we have that power, when scripture teaches that we will receive the end of our faith when Christ returns.
  8. We profess that God calls things that are not as if they were but tell Him not in our gospel when our hope being spoken of as here and now is taken literally.
  9. We forsake the gifts that God has determined for us that would bring about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
  10. We preach a gospel of prosperity and blessing instead of dying to self.
  11. We brag about our contemporary worship and ignore the fact that the above points put us in conflict with scripture, yet we refuse to understand that we are the one who worship in vain because we follow men rather than God.
  12. We consider ourselves a light to the lost, yet we refuse to follow what we are taught.
  13. We put up with all kinds of offense, abuses and those who wish to manipulate us because we believe we do not have a place to stand up for our gospel.
  14. We put up with all kinds of offenses , abuses and those who wish to manipulate us because we do not understand what our gospel is.
  15. We have forsaken Christ as the head of the body and replaced Him with the office of the pastor who tells the other offices at what time and at what capacity they may be able to use their gifts so that the church can be brought into complete maturity.
  16. We abuse the body because we sideline all spiritual gifts and offices to be spoon fed.

Should I praise the church because we still will say people come to God through it?  Come to what, we make them Samericans who worship what they do not know.  This blog is dedicated to the defense of the gospel as we have had it passed down to us by those whose writings we read, not what we naturally assume is the gospel.  This blog is a defense of the spiritual fellowship we see explained in scripture and not what we naturally assume is scriptural.

There are many good Samericans in churches who need people to teach and demonstrate what we have in our gospel even in the face of opposition.  But this does not mean that we have to cow tow to the churches or give place for their misguided efforts by saying, “There is no perfect church.”